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This is a picspam for [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon's current celebration of female characters. I decided to make a picspam for a small selection of my favorite non-English speaking female characters ("non-English speaking" here meaning that they primarily speak in another language since some of these characters may codeswitch or speak occasional sentences in English). I've hopefully kept the spoilers to a minimum in case you want to check any of these out. :) I know that I definitely need to diversify my exposure to non-English media and I hope that I can find and add more awesome ladies in the future!

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So this post is sort of part Korean drama, part Disney. :P Enjoy! :D

[05] Capital Scandal icons
[04] The Princess and the Frog icons
[04] Up icons
[07] You're Beautiful icons (up to episode 9-ish)


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Capital Scandal is a Korean drama that takes place in the 1930's, when Japan was occupying Korea. It revolves around a teacher/bookshop owner who wants to fight for Korea's freedom and the apathetic playboy of Seoul who tries to woo her to win a bet with his friends (she is is not easily moved by his gestures). It is hilarious and awesome and easily one of my all-time favorite Asian dramas so far! The show has very colorful costumes and set designs so I think it would easily fit the bill for the Color Focus challenge at [livejournal.com profile] picspammy. Hope you enjoy!

not dialup-safe + potential spoilers for the entire series

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