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Alright, this is a quick, random update. I downloaded the super-shiny new version of VLC player and decided to try my hand at making .gifs :D I've made Psych and Avatar: the Last Airbender .gifs because I don't see enough .gifs from those shows but I'll try to branch out in future posts. :D I'm also willing to take requests for future .gifs of shows/movies I'm familiar with because they're kind of fun to make. :D I can't make promises with these though. Enjoy!

[04] Psych .gifs
[08] Avatar: the Last Airbender .gifs


Moar .gifs behind this cut :D )
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[10] Harry Potter icons (contains images from the HBP movie)
[11] Misc. Music icons (Bloc Party, Maroon 5, M.I.A., Natasha Bedingfield, The Fray)
[10] Psych Icons


I am Cinderella and this is my ball )
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[13] Avatar: the Last Airbender (Nation Pride icons)
[10] Juno
[10] Psych (+ text icons with slight spoilers for "Lights, Camera... Homocidio?")

preview preview preview

your eggo is preggo )
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This is not so much as an icon dump as it is a way for me to get rid of some icons that have been on my desktop for a while now.

The Nation Pride icons, however, were recently made because I felt that, with Season 3 finally here, we all might as well choose sides! :) Go Water Tribe!

[20] A:tLA icons (Nation Pride text icons)
[10] Heroes icons (Spoilers for 2x02: "Lizards")
[10] Psych icons (text icons and James Roday icons: spoilers for all of Season 2 so far)

preview preview preview

I feel like I have been incarcerated in a blueberry )


Apr. 9th, 2007 05:24 pm
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[56] Avatar: the Last Airbender
[13] The Emperor's New Groove
[26] Psych
[65] Road to El Dorado


Miguel, if I believed in fate, I wouldn't be playing with loaded dice. )
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Okay, so, [livejournal.com profile] usataro got me into Psych on USA and I had only vaguely known about it because it's on right before House, you know? And then I watched the pilot and dkjhfkhagsdflajhfalskjhfawesome. So I'm hooked. And I had this cool idea for quote icons... which spawned this. :P I need to stop finding new fandoms to icon for. Because, srsly? I did all of this when I was supposed to be studying for my physics exam. @_@

[01-11] A:tlA icons
[12-29] Psych icons
[30-38] Stock icons (Blue)
[39-45] Stock icons (Pink)
[46-53] Regina Spektor icons (from the "Fidelity" music video)

teaser teaser teaser

Dude, you look awesome. )


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