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- Shiny new profile!

- I'm sorry I haven't updated lately. I've been swallowed by exams. I'll only be able to update again and finish off all icon requests after next Tuesday!

- I've icon-ed some parts of this Bollywood movie called Om Shanti Om, which was seriously the crackiest Indian movie I've seen in my life. #9 in that set has the message of the movie, BTW, to give you an idea of the crackiness. XD

[36] Avatar: the Last Airbender
[08] Bones
[09] Om Shanti Om
[11] Pushing Daisies

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- The "drawings" for the Avatar icons were made by me and my loyal mouse (this is also, BTW, the full extent of my artistic abilities so I apologize if you can't even recognize any of the characters). :) If you want a pairing that I've forgotten (consisting of the characters I've already drawn), let me know.
- Apparently, what I meant by promising House icons for this post was Firefly/Serenity icons. I was in a Firefly mood! (Plus I still need to catch up on House D:)

Well, anyway, enjoy! :)

[44] A:tLA icons (no spoilers)
[18] Pushing Daisies icons (Spoilers for 3x02-3x04)
[12] Firefly/Serenity icons

001 002 003

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So, was the "Sokka's Master" episode awesome or was it awesome? :)


[13] A:tLA (spoilers for 3x04: "Sokka's Master")
[16] Harry Potter (DH chapter art)
[17] Pushing Daisies (spoilers for 1x02: "Dummy")


[01] A:tLA (Ty Lee)

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So, Pushing Daisies is premiering this coming Wednesday and I'm urging all of you to watch it because it is all kinds of awesome. Of course, this also comes as a bit of a warning because I love iconning the series and am bound to bombard you with PD icons from now on. :) Also, I'm sort of tired of seeing the majority of stock icons being over-grungified, sparkly-light textured pictures of the same three ladybugs or the same linear perspective image of a road or the same foamy, foamy cup of coffee. So, I decided to make a few chemistry- and biology-based stock icons. Because science happens to be very aesthetically pleasing.

[23] Avatar: the Last Airbender (Spoilers for "The Awakening" and "The Headband")
[22] Pushing Daisies (Spoilers for "Pie-lette")
[29] Stock: Lab Sciences & Animals

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