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Well, many of you seemed to be eager for Avatar finale icons in the request post earlier and I'm dumping some of them today... but as you might notice, my icons don't cover the entire finale... not even half of the entire thing. For me, the finale's been a lot to take in so I'm iconning it pretty slowly. :P I'll definitely have more to post, though! Also, the Half Blood Prince trailer's come out as well some other interesting photos so I've been iconning those as well. :) I've started on the individual interest icon requests so at least some of those will be posted sometime soon-ish, I hope. :)

[32] Avatar: the Last Airbender icons (spoilers for the series finale)
[12] Harry Potter icons (spoilers for HBP images)


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So, I was watching a Star Wars marathon yesterday, where young!Mark Hamill is not the evil taking-over-the-world father type, and that sort of spawned the first icon in this small batch. And then I basically continued the theme. Some "spoilers" are probably true anyway, some are (probably) fake, and most are vaguely speculative. I didn't mean to include any intentional spoilers in these icons, so I'd say they're spoiler-free.

[15] Avatar icons


actually not spoilery, unless you totally unfamiliar with the series )
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Um, this may look like a really random mix of icon things but I'm basically just posting a bunch of icon batches I had made. :D Also, I've been working on larger graphics, in case anyone's been wondering why I'm posting so many wallpapers and such. There are a couple more (plus some variations) in this post. Hope you enjoy! :D

[06] Arthur icons
[01] Arthur Friends Only banner
[08] Dexter's Laboratory icons
[08] Franz Ferdinand icons (including lyric text icons)
[09] Powerpuff Girls icons
[04] Powerpuff Girls headers
[01] Powerpuff Girls wallpaper
[14] Regina Spektor icons (including lyric text icons)


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[13] Avatar: the Last Airbender (Nation Pride icons)
[10] Juno
[10] Psych (+ text icons with slight spoilers for "Lights, Camera... Homocidio?")

preview preview preview

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This is not so much as an icon dump as it is a way for me to get rid of some icons that have been on my desktop for a while now.

The Nation Pride icons, however, were recently made because I felt that, with Season 3 finally here, we all might as well choose sides! :) Go Water Tribe!

[20] A:tLA icons (Nation Pride text icons)
[10] Heroes icons (Spoilers for 2x02: "Lizards")
[10] Psych icons (text icons and James Roday icons: spoilers for all of Season 2 so far)

preview preview preview

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There is a Facebook group called Neville Longbottom is a BAMF and they've come up with a list of Neville's awesomeness that was just so awesome that I had to icon the facts. I mean, the main list is not your average cut-and-paste list of Chuck Norris jokes as they are quite HP-specific. The credit for the text belongs to their respective creators at the FB group!

Also, I decided to try making a few wallpapers. I have a widescreen laptop, though, so I've provided both 1280x800 and 1024x786 dimensions.

[36] Harry Potter icons (OoTP movie & "Facts about Neville Longbottom")

[02] Avatar: the Last Airbender

preview preview preview

Neville is a bad-ass mofo )
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[17] Avatar: the Last Airbender
[25] Harry Potter (book quotations)

Happy July, everybody! :)

I only have two fandoms here for this post! Unfortunately, this summer has been really busy for me so my iconning time is very limited. Chances are, this post will be one of my last for a long time as I will be off to India for most of July and all of August. But do enjoy the icons here... I'm really proud of the way they've turned out!

teaser teaser teaser

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I wanted to make an entire post of text-only icons... but then got distracted from this endeavor... maybe next time?

[15] Avatar: the Last Airbender
[10] Firefly (quotes)
[10] Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
[22] Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (quotes)
[11] Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Spoilers!!!)
[09] Stock (Animals + Miscellaneous)
[13] The Incredibles

teaser teaser teaser

He's only quacking! )
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Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make either "The Emperor's New Groove" Icons or more Psych icons... they will definitely be there in the next post!

Also, if Mythbusters and nerdy science pick-up lines don't satisfy your geekiness, I suggest that you go visit [livejournal.com profile] capslock_sci, a news CAPSLOCK community for science nerds. IT'S CAPSLOCK + SCIENCE. IT'S LIKE A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN OR SOMETHING.

[47] Atlantis: The Lost Empire
[14] Avatar: The Last Airbender
[18] Mythbusters
[10] Nerdy Math and Science Pick-Up Lines


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The House icons are a continuation of my previous batch here. The "Take The Lead" icons, like the icons in my last post (save for the stock icons :D), are my exploits in capping shows and movies. :D Also? Dante Basco was the most LOL-some thing in the movie. You can't deny the truth, my friends.

The nerdy icons are devoted to nerds with impressive pick-up lines everywhere. And also maybe to people who know what a "geek" or a "dork" really is. XD

[52] Avatar: The Last Airbender icons ("The Boy in the Iceberg", the Unaired Pilot, and then some)
[15] House quote icons
[25] Take The Lead Icons
[12] Nerdy Math and Science Icons

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Okay, so, [livejournal.com profile] usataro got me into Psych on USA and I had only vaguely known about it because it's on right before House, you know? And then I watched the pilot and dkjhfkhagsdflajhfalskjhfawesome. So I'm hooked. And I had this cool idea for quote icons... which spawned this. :P I need to stop finding new fandoms to icon for. Because, srsly? I did all of this when I was supposed to be studying for my physics exam. @_@

[01-11] A:tlA icons
[12-29] Psych icons
[30-38] Stock icons (Blue)
[39-45] Stock icons (Pink)
[46-53] Regina Spektor icons (from the "Fidelity" music video)

teaser teaser teaser

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[01-16] [livejournal.com profile] capslock_atla icons
[17-26] Housism icons (Season 3)
[27-66] Firefly quote icons

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