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[08] Coffee Prince icons
[06] Assorted Pixar icons
[06] Where The Wild Things Are icons
[01] Where The Wild Things Are wallpaper


They were frightened and called him the most wild thing of all )
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Yeah, I was on a Disney kick, again. :D Plus I'm dumping a few HP icons and a simple Neville wallpaper (in case your desktop is in need of some BAMF action! :D).

[06] Aristocats icons
[09] Harry Potter icons
[01] Harry Potter wallpaper (Neville)
[07] Meet The Robinsons icons
[08] Mulan icons


Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them! )
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I've been iconning a lot to de-stress lately (I'm having a pretty busy summer so far) so here's a bunch of stuff that's ready to post. It's not a lot, but it was fun to make. I was looking at my older Avatar icons (LOL goodtimes) and decided to take a few of them and recreate a few of them to see how I could make "better" icons. :D Oh and I have WALL-E stuff! I'm really excited about that movie and I've made a couple of icons and two simple wallpapers for your enjoyment.

[06] Amélie icons
[09] Avatar icons
[10] WALL-E icons
[02] WALL-E wallpapers


An Adventure Beyond the Ordinar-E... LOL )
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OMG I am so grateful to each any every one of you. Thank you for commenting and using my icons! Please let me try to pay you back in gratitude by requesting some icons, if you haven't already. I'll keep that post open until the rest of this year! :)

In this post, we have Avatar icons, mostly from "The Puppetmaster" because that was the creepiest episode ever and I loved it (I also have a crush on most Water Tribe people so that may another reason :D)! Plus, I made an Azula wallpaper, complete with a Machiavelli quote! XD Also, Bones icons! I've been iconning bits from all over Season 3 so far. And Heroes!!! Hope you enjoy! :)

[25] Avatar: the Last Airbender (Spoilers up to "The Puppetmaster")
[14] Bones (Spoilers up to "The Mummy in the Maze")
[15] Heroes (Spoilers up to "Four Months Ago")

[01] Avatar: the Last Airbender (Azula)

preview preview preview

So many jokes, so little time )
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So, was the "Sokka's Master" episode awesome or was it awesome? :)


[13] A:tLA (spoilers for 3x04: "Sokka's Master")
[16] Harry Potter (DH chapter art)
[17] Pushing Daisies (spoilers for 1x02: "Dummy")


[01] A:tLA (Ty Lee)

preview preview preview

Must you ruin everything? )
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There is a Facebook group called Neville Longbottom is a BAMF and they've come up with a list of Neville's awesomeness that was just so awesome that I had to icon the facts. I mean, the main list is not your average cut-and-paste list of Chuck Norris jokes as they are quite HP-specific. The credit for the text belongs to their respective creators at the FB group!

Also, I decided to try making a few wallpapers. I have a widescreen laptop, though, so I've provided both 1280x800 and 1024x786 dimensions.

[36] Harry Potter icons (OoTP movie & "Facts about Neville Longbottom")

[02] Avatar: the Last Airbender

preview preview preview

Neville is a bad-ass mofo )


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