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So finally, got to back up all the icons that were originally hosted by tinypic. If you happen to go back and find that I possibly missed an icon and you're unable to view it, feel free to drop me a comment so I can fix it. :) I'm still open for any icon requests, but in the meantime, I've got a bunch of icons I've been working on. Possible spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Nikita (up to 1x03), and Undercovers (pilot only)

[31] random icons: Adventure Time, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Sonny With A Chance, Nikita, Undercovers, Toki wo Kakeru Shōjo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time)


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I guess, thank you guys, I got my icon muse back! :D I'm about halfway done with the requests but, in the meantime, here's a grab bag of icons I fiddled with.

[20] random icons: 2NE1, A:TLA, Chak De! India, Doctor Who, Kimi Ni Todoke, Phineas and Ferb, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge


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Gif Dump

Nov. 17th, 2009 05:40 pm
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So, forever ago, I sort of took gif requests and was totally busy trying to fill requests and then my hard drive died over this summer and I didn't manage to save the new gifs to my backup in time so I lost all the ones I had made. I haven't had much time since, so if you made a specific gif request in that post and you don't see it here, I'll try my best to make it by my next .gif post.

Fandoms: Avatar: the Last Airbender, The Big Bang Theory, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Japan), Hana Yori Dango, Jab We Met, Love Shuffle, My Mighty Princess, Om Shanti Om, Pulp Fiction, Türkisch für Anfänger, Waterboys, You're Beautiful

This post is not dial-up friendly! If you want, you can check them out individually at my Scrapbook gallery.

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Yay, an actual icon post! I've got some random Avatar icons plus some Gunnerkrigg Court icons, a few Jab We Met icons, and some more Star Trek icons (huzzah for HD caps!). Hope you enjoy! :D

[05] Avatar icons
[06] Gunnerkrigg Court icons
[04] Jab We Met icons
[05] Star Trek XI icons


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Alright, this is a quick, random update. I downloaded the super-shiny new version of VLC player and decided to try my hand at making .gifs :D I've made Psych and Avatar: the Last Airbender .gifs because I don't see enough .gifs from those shows but I'll try to branch out in future posts. :D I'm also willing to take requests for future .gifs of shows/movies I'm familiar with because they're kind of fun to make. :D I can't make promises with these though. Enjoy!

[04] Psych .gifs
[08] Avatar: the Last Airbender .gifs


Moar .gifs behind this cut :D )
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This is a quick post! I've been trying to experiment with various textures saved around my computer so if these look totally weird... that's why. Let me know how they look! XD

[06] Avatar: The Last Airbender icons
[06] Gossip Girl icons


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I haven't made Avatar or HP icons in sooo long. @_@

I also have an icon meme I'd love feedback on:

[12] Avatar: the Last Airbender icons
[12] Harry Potter icons (HBP images)


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For those of you for whom I've yet to post request icons for, I'm so so sorry! I'm working on them steadily but I try tend to spend a good amount on each request icon and lately, that's not time I readily have. I'll post them as soon as I finish them!

[13] Avatar: the Last Airbender icons
[14] Hey Arnold! icons
[25] Obama-Biden campaign icons


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Well, many of you seemed to be eager for Avatar finale icons in the request post earlier and I'm dumping some of them today... but as you might notice, my icons don't cover the entire finale... not even half of the entire thing. For me, the finale's been a lot to take in so I'm iconning it pretty slowly. :P I'll definitely have more to post, though! Also, the Half Blood Prince trailer's come out as well some other interesting photos so I've been iconning those as well. :) I've started on the individual interest icon requests so at least some of those will be posted sometime soon-ish, I hope. :)

[32] Avatar: the Last Airbender icons (spoilers for the series finale)
[12] Harry Potter icons (spoilers for HBP images)


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3 hours until the finale (for my EST timezone, at least!)!!!!!

[30] Avatar icons (spoilers up to "Ember Island Players")


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So, I was watching a Star Wars marathon yesterday, where young!Mark Hamill is not the evil taking-over-the-world father type, and that sort of spawned the first icon in this small batch. And then I basically continued the theme. Some "spoilers" are probably true anyway, some are (probably) fake, and most are vaguely speculative. I didn't mean to include any intentional spoilers in these icons, so I'd say they're spoiler-free.

[15] Avatar icons


actually not spoilery, unless you totally unfamiliar with the series )
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I've been iconning a lot to de-stress lately (I'm having a pretty busy summer so far) so here's a bunch of stuff that's ready to post. It's not a lot, but it was fun to make. I was looking at my older Avatar icons (LOL goodtimes) and decided to take a few of them and recreate a few of them to see how I could make "better" icons. :D Oh and I have WALL-E stuff! I'm really excited about that movie and I've made a couple of icons and two simple wallpapers for your enjoyment.

[06] Amélie icons
[09] Avatar icons
[10] WALL-E icons
[02] WALL-E wallpapers


An Adventure Beyond the Ordinar-E... LOL )
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I've been making icons of the unaired Season 3 episodes but then spontaneously deleting a bunch because I don't like how they turned out. I'm finally posting them here just to save my sanity. XD Enjoy!

[50] Avatar: the Last Airbender icons (Spoilers for unaired S3 episodes)

no spoilery preview this time :( )
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WTF FINALS ARE BRINGING OUT MY ICON MUSE???!! Whatever, I like the way these came out. ;) Enjoy!

[35] Avatar icons (no S3 spoilers)


We need to get to Omashu. No side tracks, no worms and DEFINITELY no rainbows. )
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The Avatar mini head icons are a continuation of this post. While there are no spoilers for episodes after "Day of Black Sun", there is a lot of crack-shipping and poorly-drawn art in the icons. Peruse at your own risk. :P

Aaaand Princess Tutu icons! Seriously, how adorable is that show? TOO ADORABLE, I SAY!!

[24]Avatar icons (SPOILER-FREE!)
[10]Princess Tutu Icons




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