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My exams are done! -dances-

Anyway, this is what I've been doing to keep myself sane these last few weeks... enjoy! :)

[12] Avatar: the Last Airbender
[18] Heroes
[10] Stock (animals + random)

001 002 003

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OMG I am so grateful to each any every one of you. Thank you for commenting and using my icons! Please let me try to pay you back in gratitude by requesting some icons, if you haven't already. I'll keep that post open until the rest of this year! :)

In this post, we have Avatar icons, mostly from "The Puppetmaster" because that was the creepiest episode ever and I loved it (I also have a crush on most Water Tribe people so that may another reason :D)! Plus, I made an Azula wallpaper, complete with a Machiavelli quote! XD Also, Bones icons! I've been iconning bits from all over Season 3 so far. And Heroes!!! Hope you enjoy! :)

[25] Avatar: the Last Airbender (Spoilers up to "The Puppetmaster")
[14] Bones (Spoilers up to "The Mummy in the Maze")
[15] Heroes (Spoilers up to "Four Months Ago")

[01] Avatar: the Last Airbender (Azula)

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This is not so much as an icon dump as it is a way for me to get rid of some icons that have been on my desktop for a while now.

The Nation Pride icons, however, were recently made because I felt that, with Season 3 finally here, we all might as well choose sides! :) Go Water Tribe!

[20] A:tLA icons (Nation Pride text icons)
[10] Heroes icons (Spoilers for 2x02: "Lizards")
[10] Psych icons (text icons and James Roday icons: spoilers for all of Season 2 so far)

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So, as you can tell, my new Heroes OTP is Mohinder/Sylar. Also, Wilson on amphetamines is quite hilarious. As for the Rasputin icons, well, Rasputin was kind of cooler in RL (especially during his assassination) and I look at all these icon sets of the Anastasia movie and I'm like, "Dude, where's Rasputin?" I also made an icon of the cute little Tzarevich in #12 because that boy, despite the fact that his death in comparison to Rasputin's was kind of crappy, gets major brownie points for being mentioned as a hemophiliac in practically every introductory biology book, under the discussion of sex-chromosome disorders. I'm pretty sure he's been mentioned in at least two bio tests for me, and that makes him pretty cool. :)

[13] Anastasia
[10] Avatar: the Last Airbender
[25] Heroes ("The Hard Part" + Mohinder/Sylar icons)
[17] House ("Resignation")

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Some kids read comics. Some kids played sports. I watched cartoons religiously. Perhaps this would help explain the "Captain Planet" and "X-men Evolution" icons. :D

[19] Avatar: the Last Airbender
[12] Captain Planet (Pilot)
[15] Harry Potter (SPOILERS for OoTP movie + some profanity)
[09] Heroes (spoilers for "Five Years Later")
[44] Meet the Robinsons
[10] Stock (animals)
[20] X-Men: Evolution (Season 1)

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Apr. 29th, 2007 03:10 am
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It's been a while since I've posted anything so I figured I might get rid of a few things on my hard drive. :)
I blame Iroh.org for most of the Avatar icons... the screencaps are too amazing there! :) The Firefly ones involve a very experimental kind of coloring on my part (you can find the tutorial for the steps I used over here). I thought it fit the warm-toned, dusty feel of the show... but tell me what you think. I'll try to make clear icons at another point, but this was fun! Also, I must say that I had too much fun with the promotional pics for the OoTP movie... it's one of my favorites in the series so I do hope they get it right!

[30] Avatar: the Last Airbender
[42] Firefly
[11] Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
[23] Harry Potter (SPOILERS FOR OoTP IMAGES!!!)
[13] Heroes (SPOILERS FOR "0.07%"!!!!)


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Feb. 18th, 2007 09:31 pm
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Ph34r my coloring for the Avatar icons... I was experimenting with psychedelic lava lamp-ish colors. :D

And, why, yes. I have been a Capt. Haddock/Bianca Castafiore shipper since the tender age of eight. STFU.

[01-12] Avatar: the Last Airbender
[13-30] Aladdin
[31-37] Heroes
[38-78] Tintin comics
[79-83] Threadless.com

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I haven't updated in a while... but I've made quite a few icons in that time... here are a few fandom-y icons for you to enjoy!

[01-43] Avatar
[44] Milo Ventimiglia
[45-50] Heroes
[50-58] House
[59-62] Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain
[63-70] Le Petit Prince

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I've been so lazy that I didn't even bother to make my own icon table, relying on this lovely icon table generator to showcase these icons. I was in an iconning mood though.

[01-20] A:TLA icons
[21-24] A:TLA text icons
[25-34] House MD icons
[35-42] PoTC:DMC icons
[43-59] Heroes icons

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